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  1. Introduction

This document describes the cookie policy that regulates the website identified by the URL www.makeamove.cat, henceforth the Web, with the aim of guaranteeing the privacy of Internet users.

The owner of the Web is the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (Catalan National Assembly), henceforth ANC. Its head office is located at c/ de la Marina, 315, 08025 Barcelona, its tax ID number is G65581621, and it is listed in the Register of Associations and Federations of Catalonia (registration number 46548-J/1).

Our Web uses cookies. These cookies allow us to facilitate browsing by Internet users and guarantee access to certain functions. In addition, they help us to improve the quality of the Web in accordance with Internet users’ browsing habits and navigation styles.

  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites download onto your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device with access to the Internet.

  1. What are they for?

Cookies permit recognition of Internet users’ devices when they revisit the Web, facilitating its use by storing their navigational preferences and configurations (for example, language, country, etc.). They also serve to improve the services we offer and to collect statistical information that allows us to understand how Internet users browse our Web, helping us to improve its structure and content.

Some cookies are strictly necessary for the Web to function well, while others serve to improve its performance and provide users with a better browsing experience.

Cookies are associated only with anonymous Internet users and their Internet access devices, and provide no references that would allow access to Internet users’ personal information.

  1. Types of cookies

Depending on the organization that manages the website from which the cookies are served and the data collected and handled, the following two types of cookies operate:

Proprietary cookies: These cookies are installed on the user’s Internet access device from the website managed by its owner, which provides the services requested by the Internet user.

Third-party cookies: These cookies are installed on the user’s Internet access device from the website. They are not managed by the website owner but by another entity which handles the data obtained via the cookies.

The following two types of cookies are defined by the period of time during which they remain active on the user’s Internet access device:

Session cookies: This type of cookie is designed to retrieve and store data only while the user is browsing the website. The session cookie is used to store information necessary in order to provide the service requested by the Internet user during a single session.

Persistent cookies:This type of cookie remains stored on the user’s Internet access device and can be accessed and handled by the body responsible for the cookie for a defined period of time that may range from a few minutes to a few years.

The following types of cookies are defined by the use made of them:

Technical cookies:These cookies enable Internet users to browse websites and to use the different services and functions offered; for example, to control the traffic and communication of data; session identification; accessing restricted areas of a website; remembering the elements comprising an order; placing and paying for an order; register for participation in an event; using security elements during browsing; storing aud¡ovisual content or sharing such content on social media.

Profiling cookies:These cookies are used to present content that is best suited to the user’s interests and preferences by remembering the areas of the web the user has visited. They allow users to navigate as a function of certain predetermined criteria such as the type of browser used to access services and functions, and the regional and language settings of the user’s Internet access device.

Analysis cookies: These cookies are used by the website owner to track and analyze the behavior of Internet users on the website. The data so retrieved are used to measure website activity and to develop user browsing profiles for this website, with the aim of making improvements byanalyzing the data employed by Internet users.

Advertising cookies: These cookies are used to manage, as efficiently as possible, ads served on the website that the owner may have included in the website whose access has been requested. This is done in accordance with criteria such as ad content or the frequency with which the ads are shown.

Behavioral advertising cookies: These cookies permit efficient management of the ads which the owner may have included in the website. They store information on the behavior of Internet users obtained via the constant observation of their browsing habits, which allows for the development of user-specific profiles for showing publicity.

  1. What kinds of cookies are used on this website?

The following cookies do not identify Internet users personally; they only provide anonymous statistical information on browsing of this Web. However, users may disable them directly by configuring their browser.

The following is a list of cookies used on this Web:

Cookie Name Purpose/Additional information Expiration
PHPSESSID Used by the PHP encryption language to allow session variables to be stored on the web server. It is essential for the website to function. Session
_icl_current_language Identifies the user’s language. 1 day
WordPress wordpress_test_cookie Allows the WordPress content management system to determine whether cookies are active on the browser. Session
gdpr[consent_types] Verifies consent securely. 1 year
gdpr[allowed_cookies] Allows the secure use of cookies. 1 year
Google Analytics _ga Used in order to distinguish between different visitors to the website by assigning them a randomly generated number as a client identifier. 2 years
_gid Used in order to distinguish between different visitors to the website by storing (and updating) a unique value for each page visited. 1 day
_gat Limits the percentage of requests. It collects information anonymously. 10 minutes
Stripe cookies:

stripe_mid, __stripe_orig_props, __stripe_sid, cid, country, __stripe-js-v3-features (local storage): Stripe is used to make credit card payments. Stripe uses a cookie to remember who you are and to activate Profoto so that payments may be processed without storing any type of information relating to credit cards on its own servers.


Cookie management

If installation of the Web cookies is blocked, some Web functions and content may be affected.

Below we provide information on how to manage cookies using the different options provided by the most common Internet browsers.

How to configure browsers for the management of cookies?

Users can configure their Internet browser to accept or block cookies, delete existing cookies, or delete cookies automatically when the browser is closed. If cookies are blocked, some website services that require them may not function correctly.

You can make these adjustments by accessing the browser menu on most Internet devices and going to “Options” or “Preferences” (for more information, consult the support or help pages of each browser):

Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy -> Configuration.

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Personalized configuration.

Chrome: Configuration -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content configuration.

Safari: Preferences -> Security.


  1. Additional information

If you have any questions regarding this cookie policy, please contact us by email at: dades@assemblea.cat


  1. Applicability and modification of our cookie policy

The ANC reserves the right to modify our cookie policy in accordance with changes in current legislation, legal doctrine, jurisprudence, or its own criteria. Any change in this policy will be published on the Web. We recommend that Internet users periodically consult our cookie policy, which can be found on our website.